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We service and repair Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone. We offer several servicing options depending on the amount of work required and the quality or value of the instrument.

Play Condition Service from $120


Our most economical option is suitable for relatively new instruments in good condition and only 1-2 years old. Instruments are disassembled as much as required in order to perform all of the required checks and adjustments. Keywork is adjusted and regulated and mouthpieces are cleaned.


General Service from $220


Disassembly and deep clean, individual key fitting, replacement of key pads and adjustment material where required. This service is the standard service required by most instruments which come into the shop.

Full Overhaul for professional instruments $1000+


Complete disassembly, chemical clean and key polishing. All pads and adjusting material are replaced, for saxophones it’s a personal touch with your choice of pads and resonators.


A full repad and overhaul brings the instruments performance and response back to new playing condition, required every 5-10 years for intermediate/professional instruments. This service is not viable for student models as it outweighs the cost of a new instrument.


Saxophone & Clarinet General Service from $220

  1. Initial Play test and examination of Keys, Body, Pads, Mechanisms, and Mouthpiece

  2. Clean tone holes and body without full disassembly

  3. Replace worn or missing key adjustment material

  4. Replace pads as required (3 maximum included)

  5. Straighten bent keys

  6. Remove accessible dents

  7. Inspection and levelling of all pads.

  8. Align keys with tone holes.

  9. Regulate the top stack, bottom stack and bell keys for saxophone

  10. Inspection and correction of screw and spring tension

  11. Lubrication of rods and pivot screws,

  12. Check neck fit on body, clean and adjust

  13. Check neck cork and replace if required

  14. Clean mouthpiece

  15. Reassemble and Test play

Flute General Service from $220

  1. Assemble flute and play test

  2. Disassembly and inspection of all key work, rods, pads and keys

  3. Replace up to 3 pads

  4. Replace head joint cork

  5. Remove accessible dents from the head joint and body

  6. Examine tenon fit and adjust as required

  7. Polish head joint tenon 

  8. Hand polish keys and clean pads 

  9. Inspection and levelling of all pads

  10. Align keys with tone holes

  11. Regulate right and left hand keys

  12. Lightly polish keys and body

  13. Inspect, oil and adjust all screws. 

  14. Play test

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