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There is a minimum service charge of $36 for repairs that can be done on the spot or take less than 15 minutes labour.

Below is our general service guide for work performed for student model instruments. Customers will be informed if there is additional work which could be performed, or if additional work is required to return the instrument to good playing condition. Additional costs would be incurred for large or deep dents, soldering, heavy tarnishing, slide alignment and other services.


The Process

  1. Instrument disassembly

  2. Examine instrument slides, water keys, valves and body

  3. Examine and clean mouthpiece

  4. Round and polish tenon/shank

  5. Washing of instrument body, internal and external slides

  6. Chemical descaling and rinse

  7. Remove accessible dents in bell and slides

  8. Valve alignment and water key cork replacement

  9. Alignment of washers in stem and valve caps as required

  10. Lubrication of valves and slides 

  11. Reassemble 

  12. Play test

General Service

Cornet & Trumpet $220


French Horn (single) $220


French Horn (double) $260


Trombone $220


Euphonium $220


Tuba $270

Get in Touch

69 Bignell Street

Illawong, NSW 2234


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