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Through Upscale Music programs we​ make music education more accessible and easier for families. We add value to the lesson experience, make it fun and challenging for students and grow a community passionate about children’s education and their well being.

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An energetic and creative educator who believes that through music education we can help kids to grow into well rounded, resilient and engaged young adults.

Byron believes that we must help kids to develop strong relationships with fellow learners, peers and families.
He understands that while we can embrace technology, at the same time we cannot lose the interpersonal connections needed to navigate our world, or allow our children to become lost in their screens, and online worlds.

"we cannot lose the interpersonal connections needed to navigate our world"

​The influence of teachers in a young person's life cannot be understated, as we always need mentors. Byron has been lucky to have amazing music teachers throughout his life, they were some of the most helpful and influential mentors to him growing up.


Byron is passionate about building music programs that teach kids how to play their instruments with great technique and ease. If taught well and they become proficient music makers they have a deeply personal way of expressing themselves and a way to experience and process the world around them. Through 20+ years of teaching and performing Byron believes that this can be achieved most effectively in a group environment incorporating games and fun as well as traditional music teaching methods.

He had the most understanding piano teacher when he was 4 years old, a wonderful trumpet teacher in high school and even as a married, young adult had another amazing music teacher who was an inspiring guide and support for many years.

The positive impact of Byron’s childhood music teachers, his learning and performance experiences have fuelled him to develop Upscale Music. A place where students can come from anywhere and have access to the great opportunities to DISCOVER music, EXPERIENCE playing and THRIVE together.​

Byron has been a member of many school music programs including The Sydney Conservatorium of Music High School, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, The Scots College and Inaburra.​Byron's time working in these institutions has also allowed him to observe what creates the most amazing environment and culture for nurturing students, growing their confidence and striving for excellence without fear of failure.​

An advocate for bringing musicians of all ages and abilities together Byron is motivated to see that the best is brought out in every individual, student and teacher alike.

He builds Upscale Music with this in mind.

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